Massive Educators’ Rally in Nepal Halts Nation’s Schools.

In a resounding show of dissent, myriads of educators across Nepal have brought the wheels of education to a grinding halt, precipitated by their vehement opposition to a proposed education reform bill currently under parliamentary scrutiny.

The echoing silence of countless classrooms resonates as an indomitable legion of educators, numbering in the tens of thousands, converged upon the capital city to vehemently decry the contentious School Education Bill tabled before the legislative body.

For days now, the bustling streets of Kathmandu have been transformed into a theater of impassioned protest, as these pedagogical champions wage a determined battle against the legislative decree. Simultaneously, various teachers’ associations engage in high-stake negotiations with the country’s top officials, striving to mold and revise the contours of this momentous legislation.

In this unprecedented standoff between the guardians of knowledge and the architects of policy, the future of education in Nepal hangs in precarious balance. As the nation watches with bated breath, schools remain shuttered, millions of young minds left in a state of academic limbo, awaiting the resolution of this monumental clash of ideologies.

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